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Last updated: Tue, 19 Sep 2006


(PHP 3 >= 3.0.6, PHP 4, PHP 5)

fdf_next_field_name -- Get the next field name


string fdf_next_field_name ( resource fdf_document [, string fieldname] )

The fdf_next_field_name() function returns the name of the field after the field in fieldname or the field name of the first field if the second parameter is NULL.

Example 1. Detecting all fieldnames in a FDF

$fdf = fdf_open($HTTP_FDF_DATA);
for ($field = fdf_next_field_name($fdf); 
    $field != ""; 
    $field = fdf_next_field_name($fdf, $field)) {
  echo "field: $field\n";

See also fdf_get_value().

Last updated: Tue, 19 Sep 2006